Chile Monoloco

Since 2011, Chile Monoloco has been crafting its delicious hot sauces in Costa Rica using responsibly sourced natural ingredients, infused with a lot of love. Our sauces are meticulously produced in small batches using only fresh ingredients. They are also gluten-friendly, vegan-friendly, and perfect for sharing with friends!

¡We are back on Hot Ones™!

This year, during the months of January, March and April, season 23 of Hot Ones™ took place in which we participated with none other than El MataSanos! On this occasion we were able to entertain 11 celebrities, including John Oliver, Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jamie Dornan, Sydney Sweeney and Conan O’Brien, who came with his family doctor to give his all and gave us the best Hot Ones™ show To the date.

Hot Ones™ Season 12

 In 2020, we participated in the YouTube talk show Hot Ones™ alongside Dua Lipa, where she tried hot wings with PierdeAlmas from her home. This appearance helped us show our quality internationally and survive the pandemic.

Alright, alright, alright

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