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We made a thorough compilation of the questions we received through the years and placed the most common ones here; we hope that they help you navigating this website and why not, life itself! If you don’t find your question answered here, do not hesitate to write to us, we would love to hear from you.

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Don’t panic, stay calm! Drinking water is not going to help grandma, the best you can do in these cases is to drink milk, yogurt, eat bread or something that ‘washes’ or ‘collect’ the spicy from your tongue; we remind you again, do not use el Pierdealmas to play challenges with your friends!

Hi, Of course you can do that! it may not taste like the original because our oil goes trough a process that makes it taste delicious.Our recommendation is that you do what you want, go out, walk, dance, know places, have a good time, make new friends, enjoy all the stages, look for the positive of each situation, assimilate that everything has an end, and that for the cycle of life to go on, the best thing to do is to continue supporting small businesses, the local market, the small producer, the one who works harder, the chileros!. You better buy another Vieja’e Patio and say goodbye to that empty bottle, full of good memories and prepare for the new adventures.

Hello sir, do not waste good hot sauce in unconventional rudimentary methods, we recommend using another brand so that he not enjoy the burning much, although we firmly believe that if you have tasted Chile Monoloco there is no going back, you will be addicted to good spicy and very pachuco. * # ^ &!

No, no, no, and a thousand times no f$%k, we do not know where that myth came from. It’s made by another type of primates.

You just got burned with Pierdealmas, it’s normal what’s happening to you, there’s really no laughs, it’s your imagination that disconnected you by a process known as the Faintesstert Effect, in honor of the German scientist Dr. Franz Faintesstert, who won a Nobel price for having discovered and documented a complex social relationship between a White-headed monkey, the pepper Piquin and a Terciopelo snake, an amazing relationship full of madness and love that happens in the thirties in the Corcovado jungle. Doctor Franz Faintesstert, known for his famous phrase: “It’s worth more a Monkey with a gun than a hundred throwing stones”, discovers his love for monkeys and spicy during his stay in the lower lands of Corcovado and promises to give the world a novel of action every 2 years in honor of the fallen monkeys during the revolution of ’37. The first book ‘More Monkeys than Crazy’ is a failure, and leaves Dr. Franz Faintesstert on the verge of ruin. Once the doctor’s books are taken seriously by the scientific and literary communities, our admired doctor Franz Faintesstert decides to stay living with monkeys and snakes and be part of the jungle, it’s better for him and we all know it.

You’ve already taken the first step, it’s good! Buy a bottle of Chile Monoloco Pierdealmas in our store Palo’e Mono, through a dealer or online. Now relax, get a piece of bread, relax more! breathe! release the shoulders, remove the seal of quality from the bottle, breathe! concentrate, no one is watching, slowly turn the bottle, breathe-breathe! do not think about anyone, do not think about anything, do not sweat, not yet. Put a little sauce on a plate, go ahead! breathe breathe!! bring that piece of bread slowly, touch the sauce in slow motion if necessary. Breathe, this is one of those moments that can become a memory of life, one of those that you will tell your grandchildren … breathe, breathe. Go! go! … At first you do not feel anything, then you realize that it begins to sting, and burns different from what you have tried before, you are glad that you put very little, but it burns more and more and more! “When the f$# is over? At what point did I think to try this s ^ # & $?, I should have put less, I should not have put at all! I am sweating, I put a lot, I can not breathe, who the f * & ^ s has me? the air got hot, my hands sweat, I have hiccups, does not take off with water, does not take off anything, and if I pull my tongue out? “… Afterwards you don’t feel anything, don’t feel the tongue, don’t feel the cheeks. Sweat a lot. Too many promises. Keep the bottle in the fridge, promise never to touch it again. You reconsider your life for a long time. You never thought there was anything so spicy, glad that passed the test … At the next meal you’ll break your weak promise and put a little more, to see what happens…

Thank you for your question. I intend to extend a bit by telling you about the scale of Scoville, which measures the amount of Capsaicin, which is the chemical component that gives the sensation of heat in our thermal receivers, as opposed to the refreshing effect of the mint! The number of SHUs (Scoville Heat Units in honor of its inventor Wilbur Scoville) determines how hot peppers are, for example the infamous sweet chili has 0 SHU, zero burn. Jalapeño peppers reach 4,000, Havanero, Panamanian, Cayenne, Peruvian chili, Sichuan, Rocoto chilies and the vast majority range from 50,000 to 300,000, the ghost chili reaches that same scale at 1,100,000! We use several types of chili peppers to make our sauces and give them different spiciness and flavors. Being 0 a Gerber, and 10 the lava of the Turrialba volcano, our Olive oil Vieja’e Patio reaches a 5, not forgetting that the oil becomes more spicy when it is ending up reaching a 7! The XXX and the Viejo Verde are in a spicy / medium / high of 6, perfect to replace any hot sauce you have for your own consumption. The Pisuicas scares with an 8, you have to put less, or more … and the Pierdealmas reaches a 14, it’s like sucking a hot coal. We hope we have been as clear as possible, thank you very much for writing us again.

You can start with a mashed banana puree and sunflower seeds, make them a fresh ginger and mint juice, remember that they are exploring and that we invaded their land.

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