airbnb – Try Chile Monoloco hot sauces!

Spice up your day with an unique visit to Chile Monoloco’s factory, a locally famous [...]

PierdeAlmas & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We enjoy to watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt lost his taste with Da Bomb, buddy, our sauces [...]

Pierdealmas & Drew Barrymore

This has been a glorious moment for Chile Monoloco, thanks Hot Ones and Drew Barrymore, [...]

Hot Ones 12 Season

We are very excited to be part of the famous show Hot Ones season 12 [...]

Eric Andre missed a chance to try PierdeAlmas

We loved to celebrate the craziness around the spicy food and the reactions to people [...]

PierdeAlmas & Dan Levy

Dan Levy turns out to be good with spicy food! He pass the challenge and [...]

PierdeAlmas & Dua Lipa

Raised by spicy lovers and trained in the beautiful art of enjoy the spicy food, [...]

PierdeAlmas & T-Pain

Very interesting ways to prepare for the challenge. This is the second time for T-Pain [...]

PierdeAlmas & Action Bronson

We shake Action Bronson with PierdeAlmas, the 9th hottest sauce on the 12 Season of [...]

PierdeAlmas & Adam Richman

Nobody eats hot wings like my man Adam Richman, he put a little too much [...]

Video Chile Monoloco

Awesome video made by talented Mexican Tito Almieva, acted and suffered by de actor Daniel [...]