Chile Monoloco

Viaje Verde

Jalapeño and Scotch Bonnet, lots of herbs and lots of reggae, gave us this amazing hot sauce, too much flavor for one single bottle. Is like take a bite of the jungle, spicy jungle. 

Marvin Acosta

Our great frienD marvin in a tv show called giros.
¡Grande Marvin!

Culinary Recommendations


Peppers used to make Viaje Verde

Scotch Bonnet, Panamanian, Chombo, Ball of Fire, Cachucha

100.000 – 350.000 SHU*

Jalapeño, Cuaresmeño

2.500 – 8.000  SHU

* The Scoville scale is a measure of the heat or pungency in chili peppers (also known as bell peppers, chillies, or chili peppers). These fruits contain capsaicin, a chemical component that stimulates the thermal receptor in the skin, especially the mucous membranes. The number of Scoville Heat Units (SHU) indicates the amount of capsaicin present.

Nutritional Facts

Hot Sauce

Portion 12g
Portions per serving 12
Total Fat 0%
Saturated Fat 0%
Sodium 0%
Healthy Registry A-6619-13


Hot peppers, oil, garlic, spices, salt and lots of flavor.

  • Manufactured in small batches in a facility that also processes nuts.
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free

Magic Properties
of the hot pepers

– Good source of Vitamin C.
– Help against nasal congestion, cough and asthma.
– Gastric stimulant.
– Diuretic.
– Antioxidant.
– Stimulates the appetite.
– Release endorphins.
– Sensation of pleasure.
– Reduce cholesterol .
– Speeds the metabolism.
– Good for memory.

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