5 Pack Travel Kit


    Embark on a fiery culinary adventure with our quintessential 5-pack of distinct hot sauces from the heart of Costa Rica! Crafted for spicy food aficionados, each bottle offers a tantalizing journey through the vibrant flavors of the tropics. Experience the zesty kick of traditional hot pepper sauces, the tangy zest of Scotch Bonnet, the aromatic heat of Jalapeño, and a tropical punch infused with a spicy twist. Made with the freshest ingredients, our hot sauces promise an unforgettable burst of flavor with every drop. Embrace the heat and elevate your meals to new heights—spice up your palate with our authentic, handcrafted sauces. Grab your 5-pack today and let your taste buds dance in delight!

    Contains 5 bottles of 60 ml/2 oz each.

    – Viaje Verde / Green Trip ( Hot )
    – Vieja’e Patio / The Gossiper( Spicy Olive Oil )
    – XXX / XXX ( Hot )
    – El Pisuicas / The Devil ( Very Hot )
    – PierdeAlmas / The One who loses your soul ( Very Very Very Hot )