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Video Chile Monoloco

Video Colaborativo y buena onda dirigido por el talentoso director Mexicano Tito el Terrible Almieva, actuado y sufrido por el célebre actor Daniel El Mono Leiva o conocido como Roberto Monkey Junior, donde experimentó por más de 5 horas una enchilada abismal con nuestro temido chile El Pierdealmas en una toma del susodicho actor tomando cor cor nuestra salsa famosa por hacer llorar a sus víctimas. Grande Mono, ni el Matthew.


Chile Monoloco Pierdealmas in Season 12 of Hot Ones

With almost 666.000 SHU, in a powerful 9th place, just between two legends, Da Bomb and the Last Dub. for first time a Costa Rican hot sauce gets to the famous show Hot Ones, interviews to famous people while eating spicy chicken wings. Could Pierdealmas be the small company who could? Can we burn singers, rappers and actors? Do we deserve that 9th place? Don’t miss any episodes, every Thursday. Hot Ones Channel

Chile Monoloco Pierdealmas and Tom Segura

Things are not funny anymore for the comedian Tom Segura onces he try number 9 Pierdealmas, designed by crazy scientists in our hidden labs in the deep jungle of San Pedro, watched by monkeys and giant anteaters, the birds sing and the pick the hottest peppers, ghost and scotch bonnet, lots of ancient warnings, do not play with fire. You can barely hear the frogs singing in chorus and old song: The Pierdealmas dont want your soul, he just want that you don’t have it, he just want to lose it.